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Tutorial-Video zum ungarischen Gobelinstich

Es tut mir leid, diese Seite ist leider nur in Englisch oder Ungarisch verfügbar.

Watch, how to embroider a needlepoint stramien and try it!


Stitching methods

Half-cross stitch:

The simplest stitch. Left-to-right, bottom-up, right-to-left from top to bottom, so you just have to make right-handed stitches. In this case, vertical or horizontal lines are formed on the back. This is the most economical solution for the amount of yarn used.

Traditional tapestry, pearl or petit-point stitch:

Work from left to right, stitching from the lower left corner of the stitching eye to the upper right, and then continuing the embroidery in the same way with the eye left so prepared. The back side is a solid surface consisting of diagonal fibers rather than other vertical or horizontal lines.

Diagonal line tapestry:

As it is in its name, it moves diagonally from top to bottom, then back. This type of stitch pulls the canvas out the least, and it is recommended to use the embroidery frame for the rest. The back side shows a coherent image of the yarns perpendicular to each other.